Eden King and her mother cut the tape to open the new Riverside path at the Arlington Way end.  Two crowds turned out to celebrate the opening of a pathway joining Thetford and its neighbouring parish of Brettenham on Monday.  The pathway from Ford Meadow to Arlington Way has been in use since the end of last year but was officially at both ends by council leaders on Monday 15 February 2016. Around 30 people including Thetford town and Brettenham and Kilverstone parish councillors met in the middle of the path, which is completely wheelchair accessible.   Martin Engwell, Vice Chairman of  Brettenham and Kilverstone Parish Councillor and project officer, said: “We have only heard positive comments because the access for wheelchairs is fantastic. That was an important factor in the project. “Previously the path could get muddy and narrow, it was barely walkable. Now it is open all year.” Mr Engwell said in the early stages the Parish Council was working primarily with the British Trust for Ornithology, across whose nature reserve the path falls, but was allowed by Thetford Town Council to carry the path on across the council-owned Ford Meadow.  The sand and gravel pathway cost around £30,000 to construct, with the Moving Thetford Forward Partnership contributing £20,000 and the town and parish councils putting in £5,000 each.



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