Home Heating Grants

In order to tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions in Great Britain, UK Government introduced ECO2t a latest version of energy efficiency scheme. The Scheme (The Energy Company Obligation) allows the eligible homeowners and private tenants to replace their old inefficient oil fired, LPG, Gas fired boilers and old electric storage heaters with a new, highly efficient energy efficient ‘A’ rated ones and save money on their energy bills. Up to 100% grants are available for the same depending on the occupier’s circumstances such as type of benefits received, type of property they live in, fuel type used for the purposes of heating, number of bedrooms and the age of the property.

Who provides funds for the Scheme?

The funds for the Scheme (ECO2t) are provided by big six energy companies along with the large energy suppliers (with customer base of over 250,000) like First Utility, OVO Energy and Co-Operative Energy. Big energy companies have an obligation to reduce carbon emissions from domestic homes and tackle fuel poverty in Great Britain which they achieve by funding the installation of energy efficient measures particularly in OFF GAS Grid areas of Great Britain. Installation grants can be accessed by qualifying householders irrespective of which energy company they are with. Funds provided through the Scheme are grants and not loans. For further information about this ongoing scheme you can visit following web sites:



Golden Globe’s Role In the Scheme

Golden Globe Ltd is an approved and registered participant for the scheme and has helped more than a thousand households in London and Essex to upgrade their home energy efficiency measures. Golden Globe thrives in helping low income customers access the funding if they are eligible for and then install energy-efficient technologies for them.  Their expertise includes replacement of old inefficient Oil boilers, LPG boilers, Electric Storage Heaters and Gas boilers and Home Insulation.




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