Brettenham and Kilverstone Parish Council represents the villages of Brettenham, Kilverstone and Rushford, the residents at Arlington Way and surrounding communities. It is a largely rural area bordering Thetford to the west and the County of Suffolk to the south. It lies in the constituency of South West Norfolk, Guiltcross Division of Norfolk County Council and is part of the Forest Ward of Breckland District Council.

Thetford Governance Review

Proposed boundary changes for Thetford Carbrooke and Great Ellingham

At the most recent meeting, 19 October 2018, it was decided to increase the number of  councillors for Thetford by two to represent the new Parish Ward, which will be named New Saxon Ward. Furthermore, it was decided that the parish boundary for Thetford be extended to include all the land to the south of the A11 and west of the A1075 currently in the parish of Croxton, with the boundary between Croxton and Kilverstone remaining unchanged


 Parish Council Mascots

Exmoor ponies from Knettishall Heath, Brettenham” (on the left) and “Kilverstone” (on the right), adopted by the Parish Council.

third consultation is https://www.breckland.gov.uk/article/9337/Community-Governance-Review-Thetford 

Forest Ward 2015

Following the Electoral Review of Breckland District Council, Brettenham and Kilverstone Parish Council will be a part of  the Forest Ward, which will have 2 District Councillors.

The map below shows the new ward with its constituent parishes.  It also shows the area for the Neighbourhood Plan being developed jointly with Croxton Parish Council.  The map also shows the Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE) on which it is planned to build 5,000 new homes.


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